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Processing your hair can be an extremely daunting task, with excessive colouring and chemicals known to cause damage to delicate strands. This hair relaxer with built-in protection by ORS seeks to combat this, fortifying your mane against unnecessary stress from colour treatments.

Featuring a single-use step-by-step system of products to help nourish your locks, the at-home kit is designed to strengthen and preserve. Infused with a blend of natural herbs and oils, the haircare remedies unleash a host of moisturising benefits directly to your tresses. Olive Oil helps to condition lengths from root to tip, supporting a softer, supple and healthy-looking finish.

Shea Butter further hydrates thirsty locks, restoring them with a vibrant, shiny quality. The hair treatment kit is built upon a foundation of conditioning ingredients, treating your tresses with the utmost care. Expect a smooth, resilient and protected mane, enhanced with enviable gloss.


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