New The Mane Choice Proceed With Caution 4 Way Hair Conditioner, 8oz


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The Mane Choice Proceed With Caution 4 Way Conditioner 8 oz

Watch out for those brutally bouncy, killer curls ahead! Formulated to maintain pH, Proceed With Caution Collection helps to balance oil production on the scalp, hydrates strands, and seals cuticle to lock in more moisture and shine for frizz-free definition.

Rinse out, leave-in, co-wash, detangler.

pH balanced to seal cuticle & enhance shine.

Gently lift impurities, soften & detangle.

Japanese cherry oil improves elasticity to reduce breakage.

Silk amino acids strengthen & help to reduce moisture loss.

Provides protection from the elements.

Hydrates and locks in lasting moisture.

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