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Hair Potion, Relaxed, Oil Moisture Formula, 5 6 fl oz (177.6 ml) Hair Meds Collection. Enjoy the tingle, enjoy the growth. The final step in my famous Dr. Miracles no lye relaxer. Now available for daily use, my potion is my prescription for breakage and split ends caused by hot combs, curling irons, blow drying, weather conditions and sun damage. Supports strong growing hair and a healthy scalp. Adds fabulous shine while moisturizing and conditioning. Strengthens and protects hair and scalp. Ends breakage and split ends. Old fashioned oil moisturizers are ok, but with my version youll feel it working and youll love the results. Enjoy and tell a friend. History: When my Dr. Miracles hair care products hit the market, I never imagined theyd be the tremendous success that they are. I was just trying to end those bad hair & scalp days for my family and friends. But now thanks to all your emails, letters and phone calls asking for more, I proudly introduce my Dr. Miracles Hair Meds Collection, a series of products designed to effectively treat your most serious hair & scalp problems. Hair Meds will pinpoint your problem and solve it, and I know youll be happy with the results. All Hair Meds Collection products use my Feel it Formula and contain the latest scientific ingredients like antioxidants, amino acids, proteins and anti-inflammatories. I have created a Thermalceutical Complex that you will actually feel working on your hair and scalp. The sensation on your scalp promotes healthy, shiny, growing hair while stopping any itching or irritation on your scalp. My products will be the finest, most effective hair care system you have ever used, guaranteed! I hope you love my new Hair Meds Collection the way Mom and my sisters do. If you do, tell a friend. Well all appreciate it. Excellent on relaxed, braided, weaved or natural hair. How to Use: For best results use daily. Place a generous portion of my Relaxed Hair Potion onto your hands and place on your hair from roots to ends.

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