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Andis Mens Hair Trimmer with T-Blade 11-Piece Haircutting/Trimmer with All NEW Cut Buddy Hair and Beard Shaping Tool
All NEW "CUT BUDDY" Shaping Tool
No More Mistakes guide to reduce errors and mistakes on your beard, haircut, or mustache so you can feel great about how you look every day

Four Attachment CombsComes with 4 attachment combs: 0-(1/16") 1.5mm, 1-(1/8") 3mm, 2-(1/4") 6mm, 3-(3/8") 10mm, so you can cut your hair to the desired length

Great For Sensitive Skin
Andis Ultra-Fine Carbon-Steel T-Blade blades are forged from hypoallergenic stainless steel to ensure safe, non-irritating trimming on even the most sensitive skin

Powerful Motor
The high-speed, powerful magnetic motor runs cool and quiet assuring the comfort of your client and great for home use

Lightweight and Ergonomic Design
Easy to hold and use without exhausting your arm and wrist, it’s designed to help you trim those hard-to-reach areas

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