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12 pcs curl clip

The silver metal styling hair clip is made of high-quality nickel-plated metal material, you never have to worry about rust, and it is durable It is lightweight but very strong, and easy to open, but hold the hair tightly. Multifunctional styling hair clip, non-slip and hold your hair tightly. Very suitable for people who like curly or styling hair and need clips to fix or slice when styling. Making all hair in clips and spend some time to dry or style hair. Then take off these clips and comb through pin curls with a styling comb to achieve a glamorous look. The below metal clip is thin but sturdy, which is good for sectioning precision area. The duck billed hair clips, with unique convex design, prevent scrapes or cuts, and its smooth edges and tips make it easy to section your hair without snapping. These duck bill clips are great for sectioning hair and creating gorgeous curls. Adding favorite hair accessories to these silver metal single prong hair clips, to create more beautiful hair pins for daily wearing. Suitable for salon and home use, garden and household cleaning. Good for women, girls, hairdresser to use. The duck billed clips keeping the sections of hair secure during hairdos, haircuts, hair dyeing, make-up, facial cleaning. Other usage scenarios include doing sports, clipping sewing projects, and DIY accessories.

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